Optimized dotLottie files not displaying in Safari for Mac

I submitted a support ticket about this but haven’t received a response, so thought I’d try here.

I have a bunch of LottieFiles animations that display just fine in the regular dotLottie player, on all platforms. But when I use the optimized dotLottie format, they break on Safari for Mac.

When I say “break”, I mean none of the PNG images in the animation display, and instead I get a flurry of moving blue boxes with question marks in them. Frustratingly, Safari for Mac seems to be the only platform in which this behaviour occurs. The optimized animations display great on Safari and Chrome for iOS, and Chrome and Firefox for Mac.

The compression algorithm used for optimized dotLottie files is clearly superior, as the file sizes are around 70% smaller in all cases. There are 28 of these animations, all being pre-loaded on this web page, so falling back to using the non-optimized versions of these files is a problem, as the page weight will probably be too much and will hurt the user experience, SEO, etc etc.

Anyone else have this experience, or have any tips for how I might go about resolving this?

I think that the PNG elements is a bug with IOS and Safari at the moment and it’s with the dotlottie format

As mentioned above, the issue I’m having is not with iOS. AirDrop is not relevant here.

An update: this seems to only happen in MacOS 10 (Catalina). Given the latest version is 13 (Ventura) it’s probably fair to say that the number of users affected would be small, so I’m going to put this down to an acceptable percentage of users being affected, as I suspect it’s not something that the LottieFiles team will be able to do anything about.

Finally heard back from Lottiefiles support confirming this is to do with MacOS and Safari not supporting the webp file format until MacOS 11. The ultra-compressed lottie format apparently converts all PNG files to webp, so that would do it.