Test animation for mobile not displaying on iOS

I have been previewing several animations on the lottie files mobile app. When I preview on iOS non of them work. The preview simply displays a blank white view with no frames, see below:

When I preview on Android it plays just fine.

Here is the link to the animation: https://app.lottiefiles.com/share/f3793164-4c95-4386-aaaf-d99a860bf97d

Is this a problem with the lottie preview or my animation? Any help would be appreciated as I’m preparing these assets for eng handoff on a tight timeline.

Did you check the compatibility list for IOS features that are supported? You might have some animation features not supported for IOS being used in the animation.

Same here!
it only does this when I’m using png images, and I can see your animation contains it as well

been trying to contact support in all platforms but didn’t get an answer why this happens

@rotemg89 @ryan

Have you tried using the BodyMovin plugin and making sure they’re embedded in the JSON?

Hi @irbypace
yes, I almost always check the “include in json”
also tried both options

just got off from a call with Lottie’s support and they said it’s a known bug and they work on it right now

a quick workaround that’s even easier than uploading the animation through the browser and QR code is to just send the .json file to your iPhone through AirDrop, it’ll suggest you to
open the file through the LottieFiles app
The preview will show the animation, which worked for me

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Great to know! Glad to know they’re working on it :slight_smile:

So does this mean this only affects the lottie app preview and will still be usable for a prod iOS build?

If I got you right, then yes

the support agent told me that when you QR code from web to iphone, it sends a compressed dotLottie file and not a json, that’s where the bug is

for testing your file for various devices they recommended also using the Lottie desktop player app
it has options for viewing all kinds of OS working devices

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Ok, thanks for clarifying. Very helpful.