Lottie on iOS, browser or Native

First I should say - I was unable to find a resolution to this issue here or on web, even though it’s an ongoing issue for years apparently.

Lottie doesn’t work well with iOS (web browser and possibly native). Animations are slow, paused, and jittery.

I understood there’s “Canvas Web” animation which can be used instead. Anyone has any idea how to create such animation file? Or if a Lottie json can be converted?

Canvas Web would be in your CMS (wordpress, webflow, etc) and the animations are that way because Apple is a pain with their rendering/support of their own browser.

I test in Chrome for IOS and they’re fine

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Thank you for the quick response irbypace!

So how would this work, I tell an engineer to take the Lottie json file? And then, do what exactly with it? We’re not using Wordpress or a 3rd party platform. :sweat_smile:
Because currently, eng are unaware either.

The problem is that most iOS users are Safari users (~93% :man_facepalming:)… so relying on Chrome isn’t a good option.

If Canvas Web won’t work, any other recommendation as a replacement? (excluding GIF or PNG sequence lol)

GIF or PNG sequence would likely be as slow if not slower than the Lottie

I wouldn’t know, because I don’t what you’re developing in. But yes, they should take the Lottie JSON file and add it to the page. Webflow has an addon/plugin etc. that helps facilitate the code needed to add it to the website.

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Thanks again, appreciate your immediate assistance.