Lottie On Mobile

  1. What is the exact size of ratio for lottiefile full screen landingpage?

Ratio for web is 16:9. the Lottie will scale according to the ratio!


  1. is there any issue in lottie (iOS) if the animation was created in after effects with shapes repeater ? shapes instances weren’t showing at all. just one single shape has been rendered?

Repeater isnt supported on the iOS player :frowning:

  1. Can you give me some advice on how to implement Lottie in Safari and iOS? The animations are behaving super buggy and slow while rendered as a SVG. Can you maybe explain why this is happening and, by any chance, if there is a solution for this? Preferably I would like to keep the file rendered as SVG and not Canvas?

If you use macOS, to install the Desktop app from AppStore, and try the animation switching ios/web?

  1. I create an animation on After Effect and then exported it for my website. It’s working ok on Chrome (even if sometimes it’s not really smooth) but on safari it’s really really buggy?

Safari has had some issues when rendering the animations. Especially after macOS Big Sur. Before it was having flickering issues, but that has been fixed.

  1. Is it possible to have animated icons for Android apps with Lottie technology and JSON?

Lottie animations do work on Android apps, hope this helps!

  1. Why does my animation appear differently on iOS and Android

This is likely due to the effects used by the designer of this animation. Not all effects created in After Effects are compatible with Lottie iOS and Lottie Android unfortunately so this is what we suspect is happening to this email you have here. Maybe if you are able to contact the original animator then perhaps this is something they can help fix by redesigning it with effects that are supported by Lottie iOS and Android.