Hosted Lottie Animations not displaying on Safari and iPhone

Hello everyone,

I recently helped create Lottie Animations for a website on WIX. We followed the instructions on lottiefiles to embed the animations in the website. It works perfectly on Chrome and Firefox but on Safari and iPhone the animation doesn’t show and instead there is a small :warning: symbol.

The .json files are hosted on a dropbox with a shared link. We tried hosting them on our server but it still doesn’t work for safari. The fact that it works for chrome and safari seems to say that the link is not the problem.

Funny thing is, if I preview my animation on lottiefiles and use the link provided from the preview, everything works … does anyone have an idea why this issue comes up with hosted files but not with lottiefiles preview links?

Here is a Link with 2 same animations embeded in Wix. One is hosted on Dropbox and one has the lottiefiles preview link.

And in attached a screenshot of what I see in safari.
Thank you for any help!

All the best