Problems with Lottie Rendering

Hi everybody,

Today I came up to an issue while trying to render an animation in After Effects as a Lottie.
The strange thing is that I removed all of the masks from my Illustrator imports but when I transferred them in outlined shapes in AE, they seem to show up strangely. Even my other shapes which are created in AE, don’t seem to render normally.

Did somebody have a similar issue?

It’s hard to say without seeing the issues. You might look at the actual vector path and points, and see if you see strange arrangements of points. Also, many times when converting illustrator paths into shape layers, you’ll get a lot of extra information (paths) that you might be able to do “some clean up” and keep things as simple as possible.

@denitsaz96 We would probably need to see this in context to get an idea of what’s not working right. You could try pressing “M” on the layers to see if a mask is present in it because the conversion from an Ai layer to a shape layer may have kept the mask intact that way.