How can I get masks to work in Lottie?

I can’t resolve the issues with masks in After Effects.

Everything is playing as it should in After Effects, but when I preview or export the Lottie, the masks aren’t there.

I can’t figure it out. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Are you using shape/vector layers or pixel layers?
If pixel layers is what your comp is you have to export the image sequence and import it into a fresh comp, then export with the include assets options on inside the configuration menu.
Try with export guides on as well.
I hope it works

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Hi, I’m having the same problem. Masks are rendering in ae, but are not present in Lottie preview. I’m not fully understanding the solution above. I looked everywhere for a solution for this and still haven’t found anything that works. Does anyone know how to make masks work in ae/Lottie?


Having the same issue. It worked 2 weeks ago when I tried with a different comp.

I ended up making a pre-comp and masking in the comp and that fixed it. Not sure why it matters where the mask is, but it worked!

What I do is create shape layers on top of each illustrator layer and then alpha mask to the shape layer. I’ve also been playing with animating paths on the shape layers to fine-tune my masks.


Try @natelubeck method this work even while previewing and after exporting and implementing. I use this method only. But do not apply “Luma” matte, it does not work.

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Only alpha mattes and alpha inverted mattes are supported right now

Have you worked with track mattes often? Have you worked with alpha inverted track mattes?

Hey there, I see that alpha mattes and inverted mattes are supported for most but not all situations.

Do you usually just use Alpha Mattes or Alpha Inverted Mattes anyways? thanks!

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This is good to be aware of. Although it’s worth mentioning that alpha inverted mattes do have a display issue rendering on the LottieFiles iOS app. Even though they are supported for iOS. I can confirm it’s a bug on the iOS app and that alpha inverted mattes do indeed work on iOS