Strange cropping on paths


I’m pretty new to Lottie (and pretty rusty at After effects tbh). Am struggling to get a simple animation to work. Looks great in AE but Lottie is doing some strange cropping to the strokes. Tried using masks instead of mattes and tried rendering with Bodymovin but same issue happens - is there something I’m doing wrong?

Files here:

Thanks ever so much,


Hey Paul,

I don’t seem to see any issue with the AE file, all features are supported. I’m gonna highlight this to our plugin team to investigate this further. Will let you know once I have the update from them.

Hello, @Paul1

I believe this is a kind of bug of After Effects. But for now, I can just offer a trick by adding an additional filled rectangle to the shape layer with the curve of the bar. Important that it should be larger than a curve, should be placed under the trim path, once again should be filled and its Fill opacity should be 0.


I hope there should not be any problems with adding these shapes, but just in case here is your updated project