Adobe Illustrator imports not rendering in lottie

I hope someone can help me. I’ve created an Illustrator file, put all the elements on separate layers and imported in AE as a composition. Everything looks good on the stage. But when I do all the animation work in AE, the Lottie plugin gets hung up on the render. It will render for hours with no results.

I’m using Mac OS Monterey 12.2.1, AE 22.2.1 and LottieFiles for AfterEffects 1.1.0

If I create the animation directly in AE, LottieFiles plugin renders fine. Don’t know what’s wrong with the AI files or if I’m doing something wrong.

Did you convert them to shape layers? If the plug in works with a new comp and new shapes, maybe the Ai layers have a broken element?

You can truly know which layer (if that’s the problem) is the problem, by deleting the top layer, trying export. If it works, then it was that layer. If the export stalls then it’s another one. And try that over and over till you eliminate which one is bad… again… assuming it’s a broken or problematic layer.

Turning your Illustrator file into shape layer is important. But I have had this problem, even if everything is OK. Try a different version of After Effects maybe it will work. One of my projects worked on my personal laptop with After Effects CC 2020, but was having this problem on my PC. So after trying a lot of different ways, I tried After Effects CC 2021. And it just worked.

In AE right click on the illustrator layer and select “create” & “create shapes from vector layer”