Plugin not starting in AE

Installation was successful but when I open Windows > Extension > LottieFiles nothing will launch.
Yes, I’ve selected right checkbox in preferences :slight_smile:
AE 18.4.1, Windows 10

Hi Marcin,

Can I know what is the plugin version and language of the plugin & OS?

I have the same problem. I use Windows 10 version 21H1, After Effects version 18.4.1 in english and LottieFile Plugin version 1.0.0, and I also selected After Effects > preferences > scripting & expressions > “Allow scripts to write files and access network”, but the plugin does not start.
I’m grateful for any help!

@marcin @lisa.nar
Since you are running on Windows, can you uninstall the current plugin and install the one I will be providing? Can you share with me your email so that I can share the zxp file with you?

@nick hi. I have the same problem. Windows 10, AE 17.6.0
Please help

sure, marcin(at)

Hey @marcin @katrusya.pavlenko @lisa.nar

Could you all try to run the AE software as Administrator and then try to access the Lottiefiles plugin?
Do let me know if that works for you.

Thank you!!! It`s alive!)