The plug isn't working or just my file doesn;t pop up?

my lottie plugin only pop up like this, any idea ?

Hey @ghiffary29071 Did you set After Effects to allow plug ins to read/write?

  1. In After Effects, go to Preferences > Scripting & Expressions.
  2. Under Application Scripting, select Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network.
  3. Close and re-open After Effects.

Hi, can you also try to launch AE with Admin access?

Hey @irbypace I have Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network selected (it’s checked) but Lottie still won’t open. Any suggestions? Thank you so much for any help!

Hey @arjit27singh this is a pretty good thread too that covers a bunch of the issues. If you’re on PC this is a workaround:

Thread: Don't work lottie extension AE - #63 by christie_shin


Install ZXP file manually.

  1. rename your .zxp file to .zip
  2. unzip the zip file
  3. drag that unzipped folder into the folder (on PC)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\
  4. Create a registry entry “PlayerDebugMode” with String value 1 in
    (To create and modify registry entries you can search for the program “regedit” in the windows menu)

I had the same problem. in my case the installation language was the problem. I have installed aftereffects in german. After uninstalling and reinstalling in english it works :slight_smile:

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I am also having the same error in German language.

Hi @syadavswati123 can you please share a screenshot to see what’s happening when you’re launching the plugin? Also, can I know what is your:

  1. AE version & language
  2. Plugin version