Lottie in After Effects is not working

Lottie extension is not loading my compositions. I shared the file with a colleague, we are using the same AE version, same Lottie version, same computer, same preferences… it’s working for him but not on my computer. Am I missing something?

Can you check and see if you allowed scripts to write and access the network?

Yes, I updated the preferences and enabled the scripts.

LottieFiles Plugin v1.1.0
AE 2022 22.2.1
MacOS Monterey 12.3.1

Is he using the same language preferences?

I have a Spanish version and he is using English.

Hey again. So I think there’s a thing about the language settings and I think they’re working on that. Check this thread for a workaround, which I think would involve installing an older version of the plugin:

I have installed the English International version and it works. Thank you for your support.

Yeah dude! Totally glad to help.

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