LottieFiles v3.0.0 for AE extremely slow, sluggish and taking 10mins to load upload files

The LottieFiles v3.0.0 update for After Effects 2022 has pretty much killed my workflow (MacBook Pro, Apple M1 Pro, 32GB memory). I can login, but navigating to comps, selecting comps, rendering and uploading comps is like pulling teeth.

These are not complex animations and is verging on unusable. Is there something I’m missing?

Also, can someone point in the direction of where I can get older versions of the plugin?

Hey @nathan1

Thank you for flagging this to us and sorry to hear you’re experiencing this with our plugin.
First, we need a bit more information to help us figure out what might be happening. Can you please tell us:

  1. The After Effects version you’re using.
  2. The exact operating system you’re using (e.g. mac OS Catalina, version 10.15.6)
  3. Language of the plugin
  4. Language of the os
  5. Source file (if possible)
  6. A screenshot or screen recording of what is or isn’t happening with the plugin within AE (sometimes getting a clear visual can be really helpful).

Having all this information will help our plugins team uncover better what may be the problem.
Do email all the above details to support@lottiefiles.com and our support team will investigate further.