During upload from After effects stuck on "Starting"

I cant upload anything from after effects. The plug in in after effect is working ans im getting the preview after rendering in lottiefiles. But when I click upload it is stuck on Starting.

Then after I check my previews in My Private Animations, it uploaded broken files.

Downloading the lottiefile or Json file is possible but when I try to upload it manually to lottiefiles nothing happens as well.


i Get the exact same problem

Hi there

Can you help us to provide the following details to our support team at Support@lottiefiles.com

  1. The After Effects version you’re using.
  2. The exact operating system you’re using (e.g. mac OS Catalina, version 10.15.6)
  3. Language of the plugin
  4. Language of the os
  5. Source file (if possible)
  6. A screenshot of what is or isn’t happening with the plugin within AE (sometimes getting a clear visual can be really helpful).

Having all this information will help our plugins team uncover better what may be the problem.