Ease Speed like Webflow in HTML Player

How to make the animation smoother?
In webflow we can choose “Ease Speed” replaces the scroll value with a delay and EASE value, making the animation less “hard” when scrolled quickly :grinning:

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@marconi If you made animation in after effect. Then I will suggest you to make keyframe EASE IN or EASE Out. For this, select all keyframe and press F9. if you need more smooth, you can use keyframe graph editor.

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I understand, but the animation is not related to its absolute beginning or end, but in the interaction, as you scroll.

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@marconi Cofetti animation only work onTrim path effect. It’s come from your creativity

@latif.bd1789 They’re not troubleshooting the animation, they’re troubleshooting the animations playback while scrolling in their HTML editor.

@marconi what is your HTML editor? You mentioned Webflow, but I guess you’re not using that this time?

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Hi @irbypace !

I’m using lottiefiles player for web.

I use Elementor too, but his player is limited

@marconi Do you think that this breakdown/walkthrough will help?


Unfortunately no, Elementor doesn’t offer that kind of scrolling, to be clear what I want:

@marconi marconi

You can use some “smooth scroll” scripts, for example:
Плавный скролл