9-11 animation - check it out

Sorry for my privious link
I diddnt realise it was locked for people outside Sweden

This link should work for all


Just klick on the yellow button to start the Lottie animation


Would love to see that After Effects file one day. Scroll animations always fascinate me. Did you work closely with your web developer for the scroll functions or did you set that up in the AE file?

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The AE file is a bit complex of course but also quite straight forward We have scaled off all extetions and aplha channels stuff and just goning for classic animations , positions, scale, opacity etc. Timing is important.

for the scroll we use GSAP and that works nice. Thay have som good exampels to get you going.

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Thank you for this! I figured classic animation style was probably the best way to handle it. Thanks for GSAP info too!

Hey @lukas.hansson

That is an amazing job! Why don’t you share your work with our Lottie community in Discord?

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