How does Webflow manage to smooth forward the timeline?

It’s been almost a year since I opened a thread similar to this one:

Since then, I haven’t figured out how to solve it, maybe I didn’t ask correctly, so…

How does Webflow manage to interfere by smoothing the advance in the timeline with the scroll?
Not worth answers about smoothing scroll :smiley:

It has a specific option to smooth lottie:

Webflow likely uses JavaScript to detect scroll positions and trigger CSS animations on the timeline elements, synchronizing the animations with the user’s scrolling actions. This creates a seamless visual effect of the timeline elements smoothly advancing as the user scrolls down the page.

Webflow might also leverage advanced JavaScript animation libraries like GreenSock (GSAP). GSAP is known for providing powerful animation capabilities and can help create complex timeline animations that are in sync with user actions, such as scrolling.

To synchronize the timeline animations with scrolling, Webflow may use JavaScript event listeners to detect when the user scrolls and trigger specific animations at certain scroll positions. JavaScript can detect the scroll position of the page and initiate CSS animations accordingly.

Webflow uses JavaScript, CSS animations, and timeline-based interactions triggered by scroll events to smoothly advance the timeline and create animations as users scroll down a webpage. screen mirroring android The animations are synchronized with the browser’s repaint cycle using the requestAnimationFrame API, leading to a seamless and visually appealing scrolling experience.