Lottie Interactivity - fixed scroll not showing all frames (fixed - somewhat)

Hi there.

I have here an animation whose position is controlled by scrolling (while the animation stays fixed in the same position). So for that I use the Lottie interactivity plugin. In general that works, however not all frames are displayed: the animation starts too far into the animation and ends too early.

The taller the website, the more of the animation is accessible and played.

For example:

  • If the website has a height of 300vh, the frames played are 60 to 190 (instead of 0 to 250 which would be the full animation).
  • If set to 800vh, the frames played are 30 to 220, instead of 0 to 250.

I do tell the interactivity plugin to make use of all frames of course. I’m right now reading through more documentation and testing different variations on how to fix this.

If anyone got any advice, I’d be very thankful for that. :slight_smile:

Edit: I fixed it by providing the plugin with offsets. The downside is that this only works while the website has a static height, as the offset values depend on the height of the page, but I guess this can also be calculated.