Scroll-down animation is not playing

Hi everybody!

I want to scroll down on my website (made with Elementor/ Wordpress) and my animation should build up slowly with the scrolling… but that´s not happening.

So I made a animation in Adobe After Effects. First the lines are drawn and then the anchor points appear in between.
I used the lottie plugin for After Effects to export this file as .json. After that I imported the file with using the Lottie element in Wordpress.
I added a scroll trigger and till this point everything works fine. Basically the scroll trigger works fine too.

BUT only the first part plays and then the whole animation pops up as an image.

Hopefully somebody can help me and even understands my problem!

Hi pia! Can you please send more information about the export from after effects?
As I understand your issue, I think something went wrong with the export.