Any way to stop GIF Loop?

Hi well I have big issue with Lottie GIF animations that I can’t stop looping of the gif.Is there any way to fix that thru JSON or smth ? Thanks !

Did you convert the lottie to a gif? If you did, you can open into Photoshop and set the loop from “forever” to “none”

You can also try Animated GIF Maker to see if you can turn the loop off.

Yea but exporting gif will screw up quality and add some dots around the gif

Yeah GIF format is probably adding dither and other pixilzation problems. You can export a Lottie as a gif on the edit lottie page, which might be a better option?

Well yea that’s where it turns up messy + color when export it is wrong for some reason…I have like purple-ish color of my GIF but when I export its Pink.Here is an example

And this is real one: Screenshot by Lightshot

Sorry, I think I would try to export from After Effects as a PNG sequence then bring into Photoshop and then export as a gif from there.

Mkay but how will I get this exact gif from lottiefiles in to AE ? I am not original creator of this GIF so that’s why I’m asking

Did you buy the Lottie animation? Did you find it on the publicly free area? If you bought it, then it should come with the After Effects file. If not, maybe contact the creator.

But in all honesty that animation should be easily recreated if you jumped into After Effects.