Feature requests & Feature improvements

Hey everyone. would love to get your thoughts on the LottieFiles Figma plugin :grin: Help me understand where the plugin fits in your workflow and how i can make your workflow better by improving the plugin.

Iā€™d really love for Lotties in the plugin to somehow link back to the originals on LottieFiles.com so that I can easily identify the creator so that I can attribute them in the work I create using their design.

Thanks for a great plugin! I would really like my animations not to loop, so some settings for that would be super.


I agree, if I could have the animation/gif run just once or select it to be looping, it would be a huge win

PLS add a button for NOT LOOP its essential for any interactive animation like icons buttons, components. pls. I saw a comment from someone asking for this a long time ago. Did you have it on your pipeline? thanks