Lottie file to figma

Hi, is there and option to add a Lottie file to my Figma design?
I see that there is an option to do it by using the LottieFiles plugin for Figma but I can only insert the file as a gif.
The gif looks bad and inaccurate.
Is there a different way to do it? Maybe without a gif?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @maya1

As of now, Figma does not have native support for Lottie animations. The LottieFiles plugin for Figma offers a workaround by enabling the insertion of Lottie animations as GIFs.

Converting certain Lottie files to GIFs, especially those with complex animations, may result in quality degradation due to inherent limitations in the GIF file format.

However, for simpler animations, the conversion process generally results in minimal to no quality issues.

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Hey, @maya1 !

If you’re using After Effects, there’s a really great plugin for exporting gifs called GifGun2. It gives you a lot more control over the export in terms of framerate, quality, and size.

Also, consider using Framer. The interface is similar to Figma and it has support for both .json and .lottie files. Webflow and Rive also support .json animations.

Hope this helps a bit,

Thanks a lot Matey! :star_struck: