"After Effects warning: Could not create the file '...'/ Access was denied

I am using Mac, CC 2020 with the latest plugins. I am using a trial version of AE and I am trying to see if this process is worth my time. I have converted most layers into shapes as recommended, but there are some shapes that require to stay as an .ai file otherwise they render strange and the animation is ruined.

Can anyone help? I am pulling hair out here.

PS I am also a bit of a newbie to AE so rigorously trying to learn before my trial ends.

Are you by chance saving your files inside of Google Drive? I had a similar issue and resorted to saving to my local folders. It also seems to get cranky with more complex animations. I’ve been playing with putting each animation set into their own composition and then adding it to the main composition.

Also, if that doesn’t resolve the issue. It could be Catalina being a jerk with how it handles file system access.

Hope this helps.

Hey thanks for lending a helping hand. I have sorted the issue out. I don’t save to Google Drive either so it wasn’t that.

But yeah the Lottie plugin for me has been useless. I skip that process now and just use Bodymovin and upload the .JSON file to Lottie’s preview.

Again thanks for helping, legend!

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Hello everyone @melissa I’m facing the same issue (Access was denied). Could anyone share how to fix this issue?