After Effects composition not rendering to Lottie (Mac AE using Lottie Plugin)

I have a simple composition using only images in AE. I am on a Mac, using Adobe AfterEffects (AE) version 22.5.0 and LottieFiles Plugin V2.0.4. I can select my composition to render, but Lottie extension gives me a “blank” rendering (of the correct duration in time). Any ideas?


I also tried the LottieFiles extension in Animate. Note that installing both extensions was not a problem, and getting them to execute was not a problem. The issue (both Animate and After Effects) is that I get a “blank” rendered lottie output. The duration of the output is correct, the images (which are simple shapes) do not appear. Here is a snapshot of the same attempt, this time using Animate.

What are the effects you’re using to generate the graphics?