Why is my LottieFile so big?


I created an animation in After Effects (constructed from 400 AE shape layers, plus the Pastiche plugin to animate the dots) and exported this as a LottieFile:

Can somebody tell me why my exported JSON exceeds 10MB file size, and what I could do to reduce the size?


Just downloaded and uploaded to my lottie account and it’s 114 KB

But to answer your initial question, 400 shape layers might be the initial cause.

I think you’re referring to the dotLottie file type, not the JSON file:

Are dotLottie and JSON interchangeable formats?

Hope this might help you.

You’ve got 400 shape layers, running a script, likely converted to keyframes. Most likely your issue.

Thank you so much for your explanation, that was very helpful!
I guess I’ll have to find another way to do this animation.

Still the difference between dotLottie and JSON is not clear to me.
Could you maybe clarify this as well?

You’re welcome. Yet, there is no tool that can read or open .lottie format hence only the developer of Lottiefiles has the answer.

Your file contains a lot of calculated values using very large code.
Temp.sh | uttB8DB1V9.json - here is your file with the deleted code (the link will expire in 3 days)

dotLottie is a open-source file format created by LottieFiles. It can aggregate one or more Lotties into one file, and uses compression to reduce the file size.

You can read more about dotLottie on here: https://dotlottie.io/
There are tons of companies using dotLottie now, including Webflow, which has first-class support for dotLotties.

We’ve players for iOS, Android and Web, which you can find from here: Players | dotLottie

Are you planning to use these animations on Web or Mobile? If you can share some more details, I can help you with implementing dotLottie support.

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Hi everybody,

I forwarded the dotLottie to my sitebuilder, took a while for him to respond but…

As it turns out, I really don’t need to reduce the filesize of the JSON at all, the dotLottie works perfectly fine on its own! And given the amount of compression – from 10.5MB down to 114 KB! – I would recommend everyone to use dotLottie instead of JSON (while I guess the JSON comes in handy when you’d want to colorize an animation in HTML or something).

So for everybody still wondering (like I did): dotLottie works fine all on its own.

Thanks again for your support and actions!