How to reduce lottie file

Hi, is there a way to make my json file smaller than MB?
It’s a short animation in After Effects, 20 sec, almost everything is in shape layers but a couple of png pics that are not heavy.
And also, are there any settings that can include png when exporting the lottie file?

Thank you

Hi @maya1

How large is the file currently and how many PNG layers are there? When you go to export your animation you’ll see the little Gear icon and through there you can click to include the PNG assets.

The file is currently 3.4 MB. There is a very short animation that contains 110 frames of png and it’s probably the reason this file is so heavy? It’s 2.2MB.
Is there a way to keep the animation but not 2.2MB?

Thank you vary much

@maya1 Yeah with a PNG sequence of 110 frames you’re probably going to be locked to that file size, which doesn’t seem too big with how many frames there are. I can investigate if you want to send me the file hosted on lottie, or the AE file with assets.

Yes, under Assets: you can select - “enable compression”, and “include in json”. I typically compress my png files as much as possible before bringing them into AE (also only needed resolution). Hopefully that helps…

Ahh, didn’t see you were doing a png sequence… that would account for file size

Thanks a lot guys!!!

You can try to upload your lottie files in your workspace and download as Optimized Jason File or Optimized dotLottie.