Compression problem

Hi I’m wondering why is the optimized HEIC image sequence after render bigger(16mb) then the PNG(11MB)? and also why does it render the png

What is the logic behind?
Im trying to find the most SEO and lottie friendly solution in image file format for the render but no luck sofar.

Found size friendlier solution by following this instruction

I have uploaded the json together with “HEIC” folder as compressed file
but the image doesn’t load

I compressed PNGs with 70% and created sequence in after effect and following the video instruction above rendered out without including (in the bodymovin settings) the images in the json file (becasue if I include 26 png file that together is 2.6mb, after the render somehow becomes 11mb) and after the render the json file and the pngs were compressed in an archive and still not working

Any constructive instruction would be appreciated

sorted out have to tick “copy original asset”
Still dont understand why is the file bigger if I include the images in Json file

Weird I have done the same way
because here it worked

tick out the “copy original asset” under the assets option
and zipped the json together with png sequence (to keep it under 3mb) but this time it doesn work

What Im doing wrong here, any advice appreciated