Asset URL (Lottie Animation URL):

I had a little problem that I just faced and was curious to ask about it from the experts. When you open any animation and it shows the preview. On the right, there is a heading " Lottie Animation URL ", as you can see in the image. The problem here is, normally the asset link is in .json format that I need, but this time, it was in dotlottie format so, does this also works? or there is something behind it? Can I still use this link and will work the same way as the previous link would?

Hi there

Dotlottie is a format. Super duper smaller in size compared to json. And yes, you could still use the link for your projects.

Read more about DotLottie
Performance difference of dotlottie here Introducing dotLottie: a new file format - LottieFiles

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Thanks alot for your reply it was helpful!

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