Lottie file size reduction


So I tried to figure out how to reduce my lottie file size for quite some time now, searching the already existing forum posts here and on other sites and I can’t really accomplish it.

Quick summary:
I made an animation in After Effects consisting of 10 png files for a short animation.
Now after some work figuring everything out I brought the animation down to 800x800 px, 12 fps (30 frames overall, or roughly 2 seconds) and a png size of 782 kb (all files combined). So after optimizing the images I was able to save roughly 400 kb, but after exporting the lottie file there was only an improvement of 40 kb.
The finished lottie json file is still around 1,2 mb and I can’t get it to get any lower.

btw I can only use the standard json file because I’m not able to use the paid version of lottie.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong or how I can decrease my file size?

Hello, @FLARE_Grill

Lottie hides png compressing method so I’d offer you to try to use bodymovin.

Anyway, if you can share your project that would be much easier to say something more clear.

Hi @vd.oldfriend

I don’t know bodymovin but I’ll have a look. Though I really like lottie because it’s pretty easy for me to implement on my WP site with elementor.

This is the file I’m talking about, I’ve created a shared link

thanks for your answer, best regards

I work with raster files/images in my Lotties all the time. I swapped out all pngs with compressed webps ages ago. Most of the times it cuts down the file size by more that half without any noticable drop in quality!

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