Track mattes in After Effects 2023?

I’m pretty sure track mattes are supported with Bodymovin and After Effects 22. But in AE 23, Adobe redesigned the track matte feature (so layers don’t have to be directly above). I rendered out a sequence, and it doesn’t look like the matte is working. Any clue if this will be supported or best to rebuild the project in 22?

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Just went with a quick work-around and exported the project to 22. When exporting from AE 22 bodymovin, the track mattes work correctly. Hopefully, support for this in AE 23 is in the works.

Hi @bart

Unfortunately, track mattes are not supported on the Plugin for AE 2023. I am glad to see you have figured out a workaround for now.

We will announce publicly once we have support for track mattes in our Plugin for AE 2023.

As you guys know this limitation… could you possibly put a note on your “Lottie Supported Features” page which proudly shows this as a supported feature??

It’s rather frustrating to discover that after the fact!

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Is this limitation the same for the “Set Matte” effect?

I just built a project using Set Matte heavily and have found that it doesn’t work at all with Lottie. Would this work in AE 22?

Conventional matte layers do work with lottie in AE 22. Just not the new set matte layers in 23

@bart I haven’t tried it yet, but just found where bodymovin says they added support for this in nov…
Bodymovin - Lottie - aescripts + aeplugins -
"5.10.0 - Nov 28, 2022

  • FIX: light versions referencing expressions interfaces
  • FEATURE: Add support for new track masks by layer index
  • FEATURE: Add support for zigzag (thanks @mbasaglia)
  • FEATURE: Add support for offset path (thanks @mbasaglia)
  • FEATURE: Customizable canvas renderer width and height
  • FIX: Workaround for banner validation"

I’m going to try it today, finger’s crossed.