Unable to login and login manual code not working

I’m unable to login in lottiefiles plugin.
When i pressed the button to login nothing happen and it offer me alternative login with a code.
I copied and pasted the code but its always incorrect or expired.
Im using lottie 0.1.20 and AE 15.1.2
Any help/solution?

Did you set After Effects to allow plug ins to read/write?

  1. In After Effects, go to Preferences > Scripting & Expressions.
  2. Under Application Scripting, select Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network.
  3. Close and re-open After Effects.

Yes, is enabled to Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network.
But no difference!

Can you try this:

This is a pretty good thread too that covers a bunch of the issues. If you’re on PC this is a workaround:

Thread: Don’t work lottie extension AE - #63 by christie_shin


Install ZXP file manually.

  1. rename your .zxp file to .zip
  2. unzip the zip file
  3. drag that unzipped folder into the folder (on PC)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\
  4. Create a registry entry “PlayerDebugMode” with String value 1 in
    (To create and modify registry entries you can search for the program “regedit” in the windows menu)

Manual install with the windows registry dont work to.
Im still unable to login.

Hey @mjsfreitas

Plugin v0.1.20 is no longer maintained. Please download the latest version (v2.0.4) from Adobe Exchange: LottieFiles for After Effects

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