Plugin won't load

I’m experiencing really annoying issues with the plugin. I cannot make it work.
I checked the box: Allow scripts to write files and access network. And this happend to me a few times before.

Yesterday i reinstalled older versions of the app and AE 18.4.1 was a success. The app worked.
Today i opened the app again and it stopped working (again).

So now i’m back to the latest version of AE but i still get the same ‘error’/ blank screen.

After Effects

Operating System:
macOS Monterey - version 12.1 (English)

Latest version from Creative Cloud

If i right click in the window, i can print the page.
When i do this, i can see the page in preview.

Maybe this helps for the solution.


Just sent you a reply in that larger thread, but try this:

Check and make sure that you enabled “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network”


Install ZXP file manually.

  1. rename your .zxp file to .zip
  2. unzip the zip file
  3. drag that unzipped folder into the folder (on PC)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\CEP\extensions\
  4. Create a registry entry “PlayerDebugMode” with String value 1 in
    (To create and modify registry entries you can search for the program “regedit” in the windows menu)

It’s Mac. And it’s in the CEP folder, and PlayDebugMode is on 1.