Text rendering poorly on Android

Hello everyone,

I have made an onboarding teaser for a new product I am working on. The animation renders correctly on IOS but on Android the text is rendering very poorly. I don’t have any text effects affecting the text. I do however have a mask (on the lower line) and I am adjusting the scale and opacity every so slightly.

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

IOS Version

Try converting the text layers to shape layers.

thank you so much. i tried this and even though it renders even better on IOS, it now crashes the app on android…:frowning:

Dang! Any chance you can forward both animations to me from a lottie link?

Sure here you go, this is the text as shape layers version - https://app.lottiefiles.com/share/3036eed5-200f-4218-ae38-d1dea65ffcaf

And here is the prior version with no text as shape layers but poor rendering.

IOS is fine on both. With Shape layers version it is even better (bolding of text comes through).

Also I tried the optimise lottie feature T
o bring the size down. But now the new JSON doesn’t render on IOS