Animation issues on iOS

I created animation AE and now I have problems on iOS. This feature support checker find some issues. There are: Text layer, Animators, Text path, Animations is made by text and trim paths, anchor point grouping and grouping alignment.
Can somebody explain what is the problem and how can I fix it?

In the screenshoot is my AE file structure (text is white)

Thank you

This is a link to the supported features on platforms. Can you share a video of the animation in AE and on Lottie so I can compare and contrast?

Hello guys

I have the same problems for iOS and Android versions:

  1. Text Layer
  2. Animators
  3. Text path
  4. Anchor point grouping
  5. Grouping alignment
  6. Masks expansion
  7. Merge Path

How can I solve them?

Thank u!

Hi @Alessandro I would check the link that I provided previously. IOS and Android have different compatibilities. For example, merge paths is supported by Android but not by IOS


Recently I have faced the same errors.
The interesting part here is that right after converting AE to Lottie I tested it on the Android device (with the Lottie app), also implemented this animation with Webflow on the page, and opened it from the iPhone.
All works fine.

Perhaps, it will not work on some oldest versions, I am not sure, maybe somebody knows?

But, the Android device was not the newest one (Redmi Note 10) and the iPhone was 13.
Same with laptop on Windows 11, all works fine.