Animation issues on iOS

I created animation AE and now I have problems on iOS. This feature support checker find some issues. There are: Text layer, Animators, Text path, Animations is made by text and trim paths, anchor point grouping and grouping alignment.
Can somebody explain what is the problem and how can I fix it?

In the screenshoot is my AE file structure (text is white)

Thank you

This is a link to the supported features on platforms. Can you share a video of the animation in AE and on Lottie so I can compare and contrast?

Hello guys

I have the same problems for iOS and Android versions:

  1. Text Layer
  2. Animators
  3. Text path
  4. Anchor point grouping
  5. Grouping alignment
  6. Masks expansion
  7. Merge Path

How can I solve them?

Thank u!

Hi @Alessandro I would check the link that I provided previously. IOS and Android have different compatibilities. For example, merge paths is supported by Android but not by IOS