Issue when rendering in mobile

I did a quite simple animation in after effects, with a check mark, which I had no issues rendering and looks like this in the lootie web player

But when opening the lottie JSON in Mobile (lottie-android), this is what our team gets

Is there a fix to this?

Hi Ana, can you select “Allow downloads + comments” and reshare the link? Would like to replicate this issue. Thank you.

A new info: I thought it could be a bug on windows since I used trim path effect on after effects, but the same error occurs on android


Hello, @Ana_Cristina

Actually here is what I see in the project - exactly the same “bug”

@Ana_Cristina Your issue is able to reproduce. Can you help to raise a ticket?
We would be able to further escalate/investigate this issue.

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Yep… that’s strange, because my original ae file looks like this

I’ll do it! Thanks

Meanwhile, I used bodymovin plugin for extracting the json file and it worked fine