Text flicker animation from After Effects is not displayed correctly


I made a simple text flicker animation in After Effects based on this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/DkzzB7JdUL0

However when I try to convert it to a JSON file using either the LottieFiles or Bodymovin plugin, the flicker animation is playing at a significally slower speed. Please have a look at the comparison here: https://imgur.com/a/MUQU10m

I’ve tried converting the expressions to keyframes, both in the plugins and in After Effects itself, but that didn’t help.

I would be grateful if someone could help me.


Hello, @Elias

I tried and got the same result. Looks like a bug and I would draw the developers’ attention to this bug.

As for the task itself I would not use “seed” if it doesn’t work now and tried to play with the “Offset” parameter in the animator for example in this way

var textLayer = thisLayer;
var text = textLayer.text.sourceText;
var charCount = text.length;

var newValue = Math.floor(random() * (charCount+1)) * (100/charCount); 

Hi @Elias @vd.oldfriend Would you be able to provide example AE files that we can test to reproduce the issue?

Hello, @haleeza

Here it is.