JSON not rendering fully until frame 50

Hi, I’m animating a logo and exporting from AE using the Bodymovin plugin as a JSON file. The asset I am creating is using text and shape only 4 letters and an exclamation to be precise. The file plays fine in AE but when I play the JSON file in Lottie it’s missing the first 50 frames? Wondering what the solution to this is?

I’m exporting the JSON as glyps to convert the text to shapes too.
The export size of the JSON file is 12kb.

I would really appreciate some advice as I can’t find anything online to fix the issue.

Do you have any effects applied to any of the layers?

The only effects I have applied are using motion 2 plugin. Just some key frame easing is all that’s applied. Is that what’s causing the issue do you think?

If you can you can DM me a screenshot of the layer setup and or you can send me the AE file and I can check it :slight_smile: