Change text of a simple Animation for my website

Hey guys,

I am trying to change the text of this small animation to, lets say, “our news”.

What is the best and easiest way to achieve this?

I tried AfterEffects, Bodymovin, even coding with Visual Studio, but nothing does work in a intuitive and easy way.

What am I missing? I think, I have a simmilar problem as this guy, haha.

Thank you very much in advance

You cannot just change text of this animation. This requires a complete recreation of the animation. Probably, you can import Lottie file in Bodymovin plugin.
Consider this variant.

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Just wanted to post the animation I was referring to: BYJU's New on Lottiefiles. Free Lottie Animation

You can’t achieve this as a single animation file. One way you can do it is to have the background animation (only the red part, no text), then composite an animated text over it from your browser. This way, you can easily create different variant without having to visit after effect all the time.