Bodymovin doesn´t render animation


I´ve an issue about render out an animation from After Effects.
As i finished my simple animation in after effects i was going to Bodymovin, checked the box to select the composition then made the setup and the setup to browse where the file should be on my computer and then i hit render. The rendering is instantly finished and i hit done.
So i looked at the json file and it is only 2kb.
As i opened it on the i see only one frame of the animation but is running through all 100 frames.
So it would be very nice to have a solution from the community. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards

Can you provide some more details on the setup of your file? Maybe the timeline or something? Did you just try exporting with the Lottie plugin?


I build an solid, then a mask on solid, then second mask and made it litlle bitt smaller an dsubtract it.
Then made a radial translation and then animated the graphic.
timeline is 100 frames long. 500 x 500 px with and heigth.
I´d tried export with lottie and bodymovin.

Radial Transition won’t work with the lottie format. Pretty much any effect that requires “effect controls” is incompatible.

A very calm and professional response there.

Nice information, thanks for sharing