Strange "lines" in Chrome and Edge

Hi there
I created some animations in After Effects for a new clients website. One of them – the first on top with the person – has a strange behaving: in Safari everything looks perfect, but in Chrome and Edge, there rest some thin lines on top and on bottom, where the pictures “fly” in… In Firefox, the top line appears as well, but disappears again, the bottom line stays… Any ideas for a solution?


Can you share a screen recording, the animation link, or anything visual to see what the issue is?

It’s here: (still developing)

The animation with the people on top.

Hi there. I am new member. Glad to be here)Have a nice day)

Are you talking about these lines? Seen in this screenshot? How did you mask the people? It looks like the mask is intersecting with the composition edge, maybe there’s a stroke around the whole box container in AE. Did you export this with a background or with a transparent background?

Screenshot 2023-08-11 at 12.23.57 PM

I masked the images in Photoshop and saved them als png with transparent background. Composition in AE is with white background, exporting with transparent. When I check the animation in my Lottie dashboard, everything looks fine in every browser… Only when embedding in my website (Joomla with SP Page Builder and Helix Ultimate Template), the lines appear – but only not in Safari…

Maybe we can try to mask them in AE to see if there is a change.