Lottie animations jump heavily on Safari

All the Lottie animations I export from AE jump up and down heavily on Safari, both desktop and iOS (mobile Chrome as well). All of them are simple loops, no scrolling or anything.

Things I ruled out:

  1. It’s not dependent on my website (built on a Webflow analog) or any other scripts present on my pages. I can see same glitching on my Lottie’s own profile page.
  2. I outline all text layers, so that’s not the reason.
  3. Tried to switch to canvas renderer - it still jumps plus the animations get very ugly with sharp edges, lots of pieces missing etc.
  4. I sometimes insert raster images into my animations, but they still jump even when it’s vector only.
  5. It’s not AE version dependent as I update AE and the issue has been present for a year now.

Is there anything I’m missing?

Here’s live website and an example file: https://lottiefiles.com/share/2mpi1k4k

Hi @clicheist

I check on my end in Safari (IOS and MAC) and the animation works fine, no issues whatsoever.

I checked Chrome too and no problems. Are you on PC or Mac?

Also, great animations and website that you’re working on! Now I’m super interested in the compression capabilities.

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Thanks for the kind words Irby! Yes, I’m on Mac and iOS, as well double checked it on another iphone with Safari just now, can still see the jumps :frowning: I use Lotties’s AE plugin to export all of them

I’m on MAC 11.3.1 Big Sur and using After Effects 18.2.1 Build 8 and the Lottie Files Plugin v1.0.0

I hope this helps you diagnose the problem. Did you try and export with the BodyMovin plugin?