Lottie animation blurry in chrome but looks perfect in safari and mozilla

I’m having a weird issue with my lottie animations embedded on a website. Basically, the images look good on Safari and Mozilla, but a bit blurry on Chrome. The website is:

Is this a known issue? Thanks!

Hi there,

Can you provide more context on the problem? I opened the website on Chrome and the animations look good and clear to me.

I see it on OP’s website and I have the same problem. This must be an issue. The animations are ok in all browsers except Chrome. Even in Edge.

Hey @kvergeldedios1 the photos of the people are brought in through Illustrator? So, you’ll want to maintain the raster, try turning this option on in the switches/modes area. It’ll maintain a sharp raster throughout the scaling and resizing of the animations.

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 10.48.10 AM

I agree in Chrome the vector objects are soft in comparison to Firefox and Safari. On the other hand, the animations in Chrome are smoother and not so jumpy.
I tried the keep as vector check box in After Effects but does not really make a difference.
Even the startpage page of Lottiefiles website you can see here the softness in Chrome. (screenshot on the left).