Spanish characters not rendering correctly

Hello, hope you’ve been well.

The special characters like umlauts don’t seem to render using lottie-web on our customers lottie. This does seem to work on the lottiefiles website. I was wondering if there is either additional processing you guys are doing, or if there is something we have to do in our implementation. The charsets are the same. I can’t seem to figure out the issue. If you don’t support lottie-web sorry to bother you.

Works fine here

Code pen example

I can only send two links, but I have other examples of this if you need.


Hello, @charlie

If you need somehow to change text in the animation dynamically you can use text made with the selected font. But you don’t need such an ability I’d advise converting characters to shapes and this will make animation independent on any font. This can’t be done using the Lottie plugin and bodymovin should be used instead.