Lottie text Issue from AE

I have a problem with export from ae file.
I hadn’t set any keyframe and effect, but rendering always have text issue on moblie.

Where am i making a mistake? Please help me!!!


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Hey @judith22128148 did you convert the type layers to shape layers?

@irbypace @judith22128148 Was this resolved? I’m have the same issue. I’ve tried a few different fonts and tried converting the text into shape layers and still the same error as above (animation is fine with the computer browser but doesn’t work on your phone).

For some fonts I have to convert them to shapes within Illustrator, have you tried that? @logan

Thanks for the reply! I created everything in AE using shape layers and with the font “Proxima Nova.” I tried changing the font to “Arial” (same error), then i tried creating shape layers for those fonts (same error), and the removed all the “merged paths” from the new shape layers fonts, and still the same error. This is a tough one…

Would you mind sending me a “before” what it looks like in AE and an “after” what it looks like in Lottie? Like screenshots or something.