Text collapsing across several Lottie animations

Hello friends! I am having a really odd issue here with my Lottie animations. There are several animations experiencing this issue across my site, but oddly enough, it’s not always the same ones.

This seems to have started after I tried plugging in an animation I formatted in the Lottie dashboard. Until then, I had used .jsons exported from AE via Bodymovin.

Here is the website in question:

The live domain without the error (haven’t pushed recent updates to production here due to this issue):

Here is an image of the issue:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi @Stephanie are you still facing this issue? If so can you please share the aep file with support@lottiefiles.com so that we can help to inspect this further?

Thanks for your response!

Still facing the issue, and still equally baffled. In the interim, I converted fonts to glyphs, but this looks wonky, as well. Any idea about this one?

I’ll send over the .aep files in case it helps.

What’s especially odd about this error is that I have the same .json file, rendered from the same .aep file, on different pages, and on one page it works. On another, it doesn’t

Working example:
Broken example: