Rules & any costs for ongoing use of Lottie files

What are the rules and any costs for perpetual use of a Lottie animation file?

If I subscribe to the the “Team” plan and create a Lottie animation using the program’s premium feature, I’m curious about the use and cost of that file in a website.

  • If I eventually cancel the subscription, is access to the created Lottie file severed?

  • If I cancel the subscription, how are the capabilities to edit the existing Lottie file impacted?

  • If I cancel the subscription, but later renew the subscription, are all of my Lottie files retained from my first membership?

  • Are there any cost implications for traffic? Lottie files are completely owned by the member authors (me) correct? Lottie does not charge for page traffic, right?

You could download the JSON files of your created lottie so if you do cancel the subscription you still have access the source file