Lottiefiles animation license

I am new to lottiefiles site. Can I use free and premium lottiesfiles animation for a website templates that will be sold on the marketplace like ThemeForest?

I am not going to sell lottiesfiles directly but I will sell a website templates where lottiesfiles will be a small part. Like I will use an animation banner section.

Does it allow me to do that? Looking forward to hearing back soon

Thank you

I’m pretty sure that you cannot do that unless the contributor uploaded their content and is selling it with that type of license. Be sure to check with the seller and what their license allows.

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@irbypace Thanks for your reply. I am still a bit confused. Almost every item is allowed to redistribute with author credit.
See the image-

So, if I give the author credit, is that allows me to do?
To be safer regarding license, can I use the animation only for a showcase of my template? When someone will buy the template, He/She will not get the lottiflies files because animation is just for. showcase how it will look like.

I mean if they allow you access with the Creative Commons, it seems like you’re good since it says it’s for commercial use so I would think that you’re in the clear here if the animations you’re going to use are listed that way.