Lottie for Team

Hi all, does Lottiefiles.com have a Teams account? Would love to be able to use Lottiefiles.com to store all animation and have team member access without share link.

Make a new account, upload all the animations into that account?

Hi irbypace, thanks for the response. what I am asking is does Lottiefiles.com have a feature like sharepoint or like figma, where all users can view, edit and share without the need of me sending them the link.

Ohhh. Yeah I’m not sure about that. Sorry. I guess you could setup a dropbox, onedrive, or google drive link.

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I am also working with a distributed team and curious how best to use a shared account.

  1. Can we all be logged in at the same time making changes to multiple Lottiefiles?

  2. Is there any way to share Lottiefiles from other private accounts with that one shared account?

So we decided to keep things simple and organized by having one account that uploads all of the Lotties (my account) and I can do the handoff of private animations to them. They can upload if they want to their own Lottie account or use the handoff link to edit and export the JSON file for the web and app development.


On answer #1 I’m not sure about multiple logins.
On Answer #2 You can share Lotties without any restrictions privately from what I’ve seen.

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