Can Lottie files be used completely offline?

I created my first Lottie file yesterday via After Effects and integrated it into my website without issues; however, when I tried to download the json file and link it via my local file structure, it just gives me a yellow exclamation mark. I also tried hosting the file on my domain and linking that way, but it still gave me the yellow exclamation mark. Is there a trick to use the actual json file or does it have to be hosted on Lottie’s website?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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The JSON should contain all of the data. It’s not being hosted on the website. You might need to check and make sure your container is seeing it as an Animated SVG or a Lottie Container. I know in webflow it doesn’t cause any problems.

Thanks so much for the reply! I’m not sure how to check the container. As long as I use the link from AE, it works just fine. So the site itself, offline, is registering the code without issues. It’s only when I change the source to the local version it’s not working. If it will only work via Lottie’s website that’s fine, just curious if offline is possible.