Plugin (3.4.3) doesn't work again

works: on Windows 10, AE 2023 and
doesn’t work on Windows 10, AE 2019
doesn’t work on Windows 7, AE 2019

In my case just because of the presence outer image (raster, vector) in the composition. And yes inspecting composition also doesn’t work stucking on 0%. Just with shapes - no problem on any system and with any version.

As I can see this is a common problem but mostly related to the NOT the latest After Effects versions. On Adobe Exchange all the latest comments for April and May are about this, but here -on the Lottie forum these threads “are closed”.


Maybe time to say that older versions of AE are not supported?


Lottie plugin 3.4.5 woks fine for me now on Windows 7 AE 2019!

Thank ou Lottie team!